What Did I Get Myself Into?

The week before classes start for my second semester and I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I made it through my first semester unscathed, in fact you could say I came out of it better, ending with a 4.0 and some new additions to my social life. However, a recent discovery about my schedule and a review of a class syllabus has added tension to the last few days of my holiday vacation.

While most schools use 15 week semesters Wayne State has recently switched to a 11 and 4 schedule that is supposed to help graduate students complete the program more quickly. In short, most classes are now 11 weeks, starting in either September or February and ending in November and May. Between those sessions are two four week sessions in December and January in which you can complete condensed classes. A few weeks ago I realized that the class I was most excited to take, Digital Content Creation, is in fact one of these 4 week intensives. Cue the stress increase. I immediately start trying to plan out my attack on the course material while also running through the list of projects I have at work. I decide that I will start my online course before the official start date, an idea that was encouraged by the professor. So today I spent my Sunday completing Topic 1 of ISM 7994 and prepping for my return to my office. Slightly calmer now but still buried under work.


Daily Recap:

Work: 3 Hours

Studying: 3 Hours

Sleep: 9 Hours (thank you vacation time)

Workout: Yet to be completed as of publishing, likely following my Blogilates calendar






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