Class work

Two Days In and Cruising?

Oh school, how you love to torment me.

My first four week course is not scheduled to begin until next Monday, but given the sheer volume of content this class is covering and the not so subtle email hints my professor has delivered, I decided to start the course work early. The results, more confidence in my ability to effectively learn HTML and CSS but an increased awareness of just how much this class is going to demand of me. It’s taken me at least 8 hours to complete the first three quarters of the first assignment. I was hoping to get over a week ahead of schedule before class officially started but that has turned out to be harder than expected. Since I leave for CES in Las Vegas tomorrow morning getting further ahead will be tough. I’ll be bringing my school work with me but will have to balance getting actual work done with school work, and of course enjoying CES. My inability to sleep on planes should give me time to get stuff done. That red eye flight back on Thursday night is becoming less and less appealing as it gets closer.

The takeaway from this? Balance. I am cognizant of the fact that I have a lot of work to get done, and thus am planning ahead. However, you have to save time for enjoying yourself. I am ridiculously excited to be attending CES (bonus excitement for the fact that my job takes me to these types of events) and I plan on putting the stress of school and work aside for a few days to really enjoy myself and hopefully learn about some cool technologies I can use at work.


Don’t forget to have fun!





Daily Recap:


Sleep: 7 Hours

Work: 9 Hours

Packing for CES!: 1 Hour (2 if you count the mad rush to make sure my house was decent before leaving for 2 days)

Study: 1 Hour (less than intended but c’est la vie)

Workout: 30 minutes stationary bike, 30 minutes POP Pilates


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