Tech Time! CES 2016 and Mobile Web Design

Happy Saturday everyone!

After this week I would love a lazy Saturday morning, but alas that is not happening. Work and school are keeping me on a tight schedule. However, I think the trade off of a lazy Saturday is fully acceptable given my travels this week: I was at CES in Las Vegas!

For anyone who does not know, CES stands for “Consumer Electronics Show.” It is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center every year and features the latest and greatest in existing and upcoming technology from around the world. In fact, the C in CES is slightly misleading as the technology displayed ranges from all the cool consumer gadgets, to technology that is mostly business and enterprise based.Our group visited clients, found some awesome stuff for projects we are working on, and of course played with some fun tech toys. One of my favorites was the Samsung modular TVs that allow you to create whatever size TV fits your need. If that concept wasn’t intriguing enough, the display used to demonstrate this capability was both visually appealing and fun to watch. From a display design stand point, it was a great example of how something that is generally static, such as a TV, can become engaging beyond it’s promoted capabilities. Check out my Tweet for a video of the display ( Other notable highlights from the trip: drones, awesome cameras, and of course, Marriott double booking our entire hotel and sending us to, as my coworker Larry put it, “the casino time forgot.” If you get a minute, Google the Gold Strike Hotel in Jean, NV. It makes a great travel story for our group, but I don’t recommend staying there.

The downside of traveling for work (besides sleep deprivation) is the fact that it becomes much harder to get everything done for work and school. It is a busy time in our office, with tight deadlines and new and existing projects placing large demands on my and my team’s time. As of right now I am still on schedule to be a week ahead of my course work. To keep that pace however, I am surrendering my weekends to coding my website for class. It sounds rough, and I won’t lie it is a lot of work, but I am actually enjoying the material. HTML and CSS are skills that I have wanted to learn and I know I will use. The topics I am covering in this class are areas that are regularly discussed in my office and recommended to my clients. It is only to my advantage that I will now not only know how these areas generally work and why particular practices are recommended, but I will also know the inner workings and how to create these templates. Once I am done maybe I will be a little more ambitious with design and make some updates to this site. I’ll work on getting through the class first though.





CES 2016!

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Daily Recap:

Sleep: 9 Hours (heaven after the lack of sleep from Tuesday to Friday)

Work: 2 Hours

Study: 5 hours

Workout: 3 mile run, 40 minutes of pilates

Saturday Night Plans: Birthday party!




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