Just Keep Swimming

For anyone who has seen Finding Nemo, you know where the title of this post comes from. I personally love that movie, and Dory’s catch phrase was the motto for my swim team during senior year of high school, so the phrase has a special meaning. I’m sure Dory’s voice singing it is also now stuck in you head (if it wasn’t now it is, you’re welcome). I had forgotten they were releasing a Finding Nemo sequel until my sister geeked out after seeing the poster at the movie theater this weekend.

Dory’s favorite phrase has been with me the last couple days as I try to complete the last couple chapters in the textbook before my Digital Content Creation class moves on to other subjects. I now know why programmers and developers are in demand and why they cost so much.HTML5 and CSS are awesome tools, but the hundreds of lines of code and trying to keep all the rules straight can be tedious. Then of course, if you make a mistake along the way finding where you made the error can be a nightmare. This is one of those topics that as I go through it I feel like I totally get it and everything is going smoothly, and then I either take a break or make a mistake that I should know how to fix, and my brain shuts down. “Nope, you don’t know this, anything you read in the last hour was not absorbed.” Thank you brain, appreciate the help. My lack of a decent night’s sleep since last week is also probably not a helpful contributor to my ability to complete this homework. Unfortunately that is unlikely to change until this weekend.

Bright side, despite my lack of sleep and pile of homework, I have been incredibly productive at work. I was experiencing major writer’s blog for my company blog over the holidays but that seems to have corrected itself. In fact, if you have a few extra moments, head over to my  LinkedIn page to see my latest post on how luxury brands are embracing the digital realm (please don’t judge for the shameless plug).

Alright, homework headaches and work plugs aside, it is time for me to get back to the wonderful world of HTML5. I hope everyone’s evening is splendid and spent in a more enjoyable way than mine.





Daily Recap:

Sleep: In bed for 7 hours, awake and trying to get comfortable for several of those

Studying: 4 hours

Work: 8.5 hours

Workout: 40 minutes of stationary bike, going to try to squeeze in 30 minutes of POP Pilates before bed


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