Monday Motivation (& House of Cards!)

For your Monday viewing pleasure…

*I did not create this image and take no credit for it

With that sentiment, I hope all of you are off for the holiday and doing something enjoyable (even if that means just lounging). I will be taking in the Detroit Auto Show this morning (if you can go, make sure to check out the Buick Avista, it’s my new car crush), followed by my first trip to Red Smoke BBQ, and then home for homework (boo).  If I finish home work at a decent hour though, I will be heading to my TV to continue watching…House of Cards!

I know I am way behind on the excitement of this show and there have already been three seasons of intense political scheming, but I was officially introduced to this Netflix phenomenon  on Friday and after only two episodes I am hooked. In real life, politics tend to make my head hurt. I actively stay informed of current happenings in the world and I consider myself a responsible citizen when it comes to keeping up with the news; however, political discussions have never been something I enjoyed. Political shows on the other hand, have generally kept me intrigued. USA Network had a mini series a few years ago called Political Animals that I quite enjoyed and wished they would have brought back, especially since the final episode left a cliffhanger. But back to House of Cards. First off, I love Kevin Spacey. He has impressed me in many a role and continues to do so in this show. The writing of the show is also on point. The stoic nature of some of the characters could have led the show to be dry and at times boring but instead, the writers have crafted well timed and pointed, sometimes lethal, lines to deliver a rather captivating show. HoC is a show that makes you pay attention not only because you want to know where the story goes, but because you don’t want to miss any of the jabs or comments that make the show a subtle comedy.

Time for me to head off to the Auto Show. I will be sure to post some beautiful cars and possible BBQ pictures this week.





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