This May Be A Thirsty Thursday

Can we talk about traffic for a minute? As someone who grew up in a relatively small town and walked to work for the first 3 years of her career I can say that traffic is not something I deal with well. I am generally a patient person, but as soon as the cars ahead of me slow down for seemingly no reason, my patience evaporates. Now, I understand that when there is an accident all other cars should slow down for safety reasons, but what about the general every day morning where people just refuse to drive, or worse, they’re so busy on their phones that driving becomes the secondary priority (which leads to accidents anyway). I suppose that in some ways the slow crawl of traffic I deal with everyday may be better than the alternative of full speed accidents. I was almost side swiped this morning because the driver of the car had to avoid being run over by a woman on her phone in her large SUV who changed lanes without even looking. To say the driver of the car didn’t take it well would be fair, as he proceeded to pull in front of her and stop to get her attention. This was  about a mile before my exit was impeded by an accident where a Trailblazer managed to rear end a Jeep so hard that there was no longer a grill or headlights in her front end. All before 9am and all making me crave something stronger than my morning tea.

With that, it’s back to work. Enjoy your Thursday!





Today’s Notes:

Sleep: 8 hours (most I’ve had in a while)

Work: 8-9 hours

Studying: 3-4 Hours. So close and yet so far from the end of this 4 week course

Workout: POP Pilates


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