Sunday Shenanigans

Caffeine and notes #gradschool

One more week, one more week.

That is all I need to be able to complete this class. I have until February 6th to completely finish the class, but if I can get it done early I fully intend to do so. I ran into some bumps when working with HubSpot, making it much more complicated than it needed to be. We’re going to blame lack of sleep for that one.  Now, that I’m feeling more confident in the platform, the last couple sections of this class should be a lot easier. One more week, and then I am briefly free until Accounting starts in February. These Sundays spent on homework are the days that make me ask why I decided to go back to school. I could be binging House of Cards or reorganizing my room, but instead I am learning how to write code and implement forms. Those thoughts general don’t last very long, I quickly remind myself that it will all be worth it for those three letter after my name, but they do present themselves and make homework seem all that much more of a pain.

Today’s entry will be shorter than most; I still have several videos to watch before updating my class site and I need to squeeze my workout in today at some point. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and I great week. Don;t forget to check back in later this week.




Daily Recap:

Sleep: 9 Hours

Work: 2 Hours

Study: 4 Hours

Workout: (Planned) 2 mile run, one episode of House of Cards on the bike, 40 minutes of POP Pilates

**Update** Planned workout didn’t happen, turned into just an hour of POP Pilates including a couple cardio dance routines 😉 I think it still counts.


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