I See the Light!

I am almost done with this class! One more section and an exam that should take me 4-5 hours and this class is toast. 4 weeks and more hours than I care to think about and I can safely say that I have a pretty good grasp on HTML, CSS, and HubSpot’s platform. In a few more days I will have tried out jQuery. These are all skills that I have wanted to learn and I highly recommend for anyone who wants to work in digital marketing. Even if you are never going to be the one coding a website, having a strong grasp on what is going on behind the scenes will not only help you create better strategies, but will also make you more valuable to your team. This is the type of motivation that keeps me going when classes get tough and I’m exhausted from work but still need to get homework done. It may be a little rough now, but I can get through and it will be worth it once I am done. I’ve made it through one semester unscathed, in fact you could say that I came out on the other side better than I was before.

Outside the stress of class, another grad school issue that has been weighing on me is the question of my MBA concentration. As of now I have a Marketing concentration within my MBA, which means that 3 of my electives come from a select group of Marketing classes. Last semester I took Consumer Behavior which fell under that category. I took a similar class as an undergrad which meant that material was even easier than expected (I will never claim that the difficulty of Marketing classes is on par with many other majors), but the discussions in class were much more engaging with professionals who have already seen these principles in action compared to sophomores and juniors discussing theory. I am likely to keep the Marketing concentration, but my question falls to whether I should add an Information Systems Management concentration. I spoke with the head of the Inbound Information Technology program at orientation and was intrigued by the program that he has built over the last few years. Intrigued enough in fact, to register for the Digital Content Creation class (which he teaches) that has occupied the last 4 weeks of my life. The classes that we discussed directly relate to my industry and my areas of interest. However, the addition of a second concentration will fill up my last 3 elective slots which limits my class options. I passed on taking a two weekend management class that I was interested in this month because it wouldn’t help me meet my requirements if I decided to pursue two concentrations. The bigger question is what path will help me the most in my career. Would I benefit more from having those concentrations and focusing my efforts in one or two areas or would it be more beneficial to explore other subjects and throw in an entrepreneurship class with my Marketing classes? At the end of the day, does having MBA (Marketing) or MBA (ISM) on my resume make more of an impact than just MBA?  My options come down to sticking with just a Marketing concentration, take on both ISM and Marketing, or drop the Marketing concentration and declare ISM. It may be time to follow up with my college mentor and have a serious chat about what is most beneficial before I go any further down this road.

If anyone has dealt with this question in the past or is currently dealing with it, let me know. I’d love to start a conversation around this topic.




Daily Plan (12pm)

Sleep: 9 Hours!

Study: None last night, 3-4 hours planned tonight

Work: Got here at 9am, we’ll see what the day brings

Workout: Planning a run and some POP Pilates tonight


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