5 Years Since Undergrad…

Yesterday I got this lovely email from my alma mater…

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.32.57 AM

First thought: I’m still not sold on the new logo. Second thought: Holy crap it’s been 5 years!

As of May it will have been 5 years since I was deemed a “Daughter of Saint Louis University forever!” For anyone who has ever been to a SLU graduation, you know what that means. For anyone else, it is what the President of the University says as each school is addressed as a final flourish for Commencement.

5 years… 5 YEARS. In the grand scheme of things 5 years is nothing, a flash of time that goes by more quickly than we would like to think. Graduation day seems so long ago and yet, the fact that it has been 5 years is still mind boggling. I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that my sister is graduating in 4 months so a reminder that it has been that long since I was an undergraduate is not particularly welcome.

Looking back, my 4 years at SLU were amazing. From the friends I made, to what I learned, and even the struggles that I faced, I can honestly say that being at SLU helped me grow into the person I am today. I know, I know, that is super sappy and basically the most cliche thing I can say about my college experience, but sometimes I get a little sappy and I do genuinely miss those days. While I’m looking back, I can also appreciate the years that have passed since I left SLU. They were not as fun as the SLU years, and to say that struggle was a common theme would be an understatement, but there were good times too and though I considered myself a strong person before, I know that I am even stronger now. I grew up, I faced challenges head on, and I found that even when major points in life doesn’t go as planned I can make it work.

So what can I say that I have accomplished in 5 years? Well technically I have a few more months before my time is up on that, but for conversation’s sake…

  1. I moved (far) away from home and lived on my own without the security blanket of a college atmosphere.
  2. I uprooted what I had built in STL and moved back to Michigan to a city where I knew few people.
  3. I started grad school.
  4. I adopted my first dog on my own.
  5. I bought my own car (may seem minor but I know people who haven’t done this so it counts).
  6. I moved into my first house. Only as a rental, but a major step up from only taking care of an apartment.
  7. Comfort Zone – greatly expanded
  8. Professional Growth – I not only survived my first job, I thrived and in the process learned a new area that I enjoy (who knew data would become one of my strengths).
  9. Personal Growth – More than just knowing my own strength, I have become more comfortable in exerting it. I will always be polite and positive, but I know that I can push when needed and accomplish more.

As I progress through graduate school I know that there are more hurdles I will have to face and much more to learn. I’m excited to see though, in two years when I am done and then 5 years down the line, how much the list of what I have accomplished grows. The adventure continues everyday and I keep moving forward.






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