Sunday Shenanigans 2/7/16

Let me ask you something, if I am forced into having a “relaxing Sunday, is it really even relaxing anymore? I’ve been sick since Wednesday night with an awful cold and a cough that keeps me up at night. On Friday I made the rookie mistake of thinking that because I was feeling better I could still do girl’s night. It probably would have been fine if we had stuck with the original plan of dinner and drinks, but we were invited out to a bar where a Carnaval (basically Brazilian Mardi Gras) party was happening and that led to dancing and staying out until 2. Cue an even worse sore throat and cough than I had before Friday night. Now I know that many people say that they are bad at being sick, but I truly am awful at it. I’m the person who works from home so I don’t get anyone else sick but at the end of the day briefly contemplates if a workout would kill me. Don’t worry, I behaved and have been taking it easy with no workouts since Wednesday, but it s hard. I may have to drag myself to start a workout some days but once I get going, I always feel better after I am done. Working out is my time to clear my head, stretch my muscles, and shake off the tension of the day. I can’t do that when my lungs are already struggling to get oxygen without breaking into a coughing fit. Not the ideal situation to start and made worse by the fact that class starts again tomorrow which means I spent my week off coughing and not being able to enjoy not having homework. I suppose that is preferable to feeling awful when I had a ton of homework to get done.

Anyway, lets move on to the topic of the day, the Super Bowl. I will start by saying, I really don’t care who wins and I probably won’t watch most of the game. I love sports and I like watching football, but I don’t enjoy the NFL. I am much more a College Gameday type of girl. Like a large chunk of their annual audience, I used to watch for the commercials, but with the pre releases, social media, and the fact that all the ads end up in one giant playlist on YouTube the day after, I am less inclined to spend that time in front of a TV for a game I don’t really care about, especially when I have been sick for 4 days. Of course, the game is more fun when it is a social event and you attend or plan a party. Even that though, can sometimes feel more like an obligation than a fun way to spend an evening. It is on a Sunday and people are supposed to work on Monday. Many won’t though, Time released the number 1.5 million to reflect the number of people who will call in sick *cough* hungover *cough* tomorrow. You go to the party, you eat delicious but awful for you food, drink too much alcohol or sugary drinks, stay up too late with friends, and then come home in dire need of 12 hours of sleep that you don’t have time for. I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday and Sunday Night Football is part of the American Dream, but until the day after is made a holiday does it make even a little sense to anyone else to consider having the game on a Saturday? Give the fans of the teams playing a day to celebrate or mourn after the fact and the rest of the country a day to recover and rehydrate.

I leave you with the adorable commercial Heinz pre released for the game, because who doesn’t get a chuckle from wiener dogs running, especially when dressed as hotdogs?

Meet the Ketchups

Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 7 hours off and on

Workout: Not allowed yet

Work: Nope

Study: Nope, Accounting starts tomorrow


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