And the Concentration Is…

The announcement you’ve all been waiting for… ok not really but maybe you were at least a little curious. I have made a decision on my MBA concentration. For those of you following along you may have seen my post a few weeks ago about questioning my concentration in my MBA program (if you didn’t, check out “I See the Light“). After talking with my mentor, revisiting the required classes and the classes I wouldn’t be able to fit in, and giving it a lot of thought, I have decided that I will drop the Marketing concentration and pursue Information Technology Systems (ISM). There are a couple reasons for this change. Marketing is the field I intend to stay in, however, I majored in Marketing as an undergrad student and several of the required classes echo those that I took at SLU. A perfect example is my Consumer Behavior class from last semester. While the class discussions were much more in depth than my undergrad class and aided by the past experiences of my classmates, most of the concepts we explored were the same as my previous class. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not saying the grad courses aren’t worthwhile or a value add; it is good to look back at concepts you learned early on after you have some experience because it gives you a different perspective than when you were first in the classroom. However, going back to school also gives me the opportunity to explore new areas and skills. The ISM concentration offers classes that closely relate to digital marketing, which is the area that I currently work in and where I would like to continue to advance. So why not pursue both Marketing and ISM? That was my original plan after first hearing about the ISM concentration at orientation. However, if I pursue two concentrations it leaves me with no room for other electives. While this wouldn’t be awful, there are other classes that have caught my attention. There was a Management class that I passed on taking in January because it didn’t contribute to either of my planned concentrations. In retrospect it is good that I didn’t take that class as it would have overlapped with my 4 week crash course in coding, but the point remains, there are classes outside my concentrations that intrigue me. Pursuing only one concentration allows me to register for classes that interest me beyond those that are required. This change also allows me to study abroad. While one of the three Marketing classes was to be one of my choosing, it had to come from a predetermined list which did not include Directed Study (the MBA class that study abroad fulfills). There is also no opportunity for study abroad to fulfill a requirement of the ISM concentration. I haven’t decided if I will study abroad, but the opportunity is tempting and I will give it some serious thought.

Now that I have made that decision, I move on to determining which classes I will fill my elective slots with. This process so far has been challenging, a little nerve racking, but overall exciting. Despite an increase in stressful moments, I press on and look forward to what else is coming my way.


Happy Friday!





Friday Highlights:

Sleep: 8 Hours

Work: 7-8 Hours

Workout: Rest Day

Study: Managerial Accounting starts tomorrow…

Fun: High School BF Regina is here this weekend!!


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