Sunday Shenanigans – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Whether you’re single, coupled up, engaged, or married, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. It’s a bit cold for my taste in Detroit, but it is better than yesterday.  A high of 8 degrees is never fun and it makes being outside painful at times. I am very ready for spring, with skirts, and lighter coats, and a lack of freezing cold wind. Despite the cold, I have had an enjoyable and productive weekend. I was graced by the presence of one of my best friends in the world for the weekend and together we picked out a bridesmaid’s dress for the wedding I am in in September, found a dress (at an amazing price) for another one or two weddings I will attend this summer, found some other great deals, and of course, lounged for girl talk and snacks. We also binge watched the show we have been watching together since it started, Once Upon A Time, to prepare for the new season that starts in a couple weeks! If any of you watch the show, Netflix has the first four seasons, go back and watch some of the first episodes if you can. Henry is tiny and there is so much foreshadowing it’s amazing. If you don’t watch the show, please excuse my mild case of fan hysteria that just happened.

Now that Regina has gone home, it’s time to be productive and get some cleaning out of the way. My first Accounting lecture was posted yesterday which means I have reading and homework to complete this week (joy). I also have a busy few weeks ahead of me with work and social events so I am taking the opportunity to get everything in order and handled so I don’t lose my mind as I run from work to studying and everywhere else I need to be. Tucker has been no help with the cleaning other than the fact that he let me vacuum some of the fuzz straight off him instead of shaking it all over the table and carpet I vacuumed and dusted. If I had any faith it would work I would train him so I could attach a Swiffer pad to his tail and have him dust.

Who has tips on keeping up with a lovable but incredibly fuzzy dog?





Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 7 Hours

Work: Nope

Study: Not today, but Accounting is calling

Workout: POP Pilates Booty Day plus  a few extra videos

Best Meal: Steak dinner for V-Day!



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