Accounting Day 1 – Piece of Cake

There is something quite pleasant about sitting down to do class work and finding out that the lecture is short and the material is not difficult. Now, I won’t assume that all of my Accounting lectures will be 12 minutes long with only a few practice problems that take me 20 minutes total, but it is a nice boost after a long day at work that was preceded by a poor night’s sleep. Yesterday was one of those days at the office where I felt like I was in a haze and everything require far more time and effort than truly necessary. Not the kind of day you want to end with homework. However, the burden of grad school is that the work must be completed even when you have a rough day. So I pushed through, forced myself through a run and some pilates, which actually made me feel a lot better, and then on to homework. The downfall of short assignments is that I am sometimes so eager to get them done that I rush through and make mistakes. I’ve gotten much better about it but I still have those moments where I go to fast and miss a step or make a mistake. Last night was one of those nights.

As I write this, my inbox lights up with an announcement from my Accounting professor. There are two more lecture videos for the first chapter and more problems to complete. I am pretty sure I did most of the problems listed last night for extra practice, but it goes to show that I was correct in my expectation that the lectures would not be 12 minutes long for the entire semester. The new videos are not long and I can’t complain about extra practice problems since the skills in the problems, while not difficult, require specific steps.

Alright, back to the grind. Let me know how your Tuesday is going!


Monday’s Recap

Sleep: 6ish Hours

Work: 8 Hours

Study: 1 Hour

Workout: 3 mile run, 40 min POP Pilates


Tuesday Highlights

Sleep: 7 Hours

Work: 10 Hours

Study: Nope

Workout: Morning workout with POP Pilates


2 thoughts on “Accounting Day 1 – Piece of Cake

  1. Erin Charnley

    Good luck with your grad school journey. I just finished mine and wish I liked writing enough to do some sort of blog/journal throughout mine, I’m sure it will be fun to look back on. Oddly enough I started doing POP Pilates while in grad school too, I LOVE it, such a nice way to relax before bed and get my mind off studying. Again, good luck, excited for you and to be able to follow you throughout your experience.

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    • KatherineJacoby

      Thanks Erin! It’s been an interesting ride so far. That’s awesome that you started POP Pilates too! I started back in July and it’s been so much fun. Helps me change up my workout so I’m not doing the same things over and over which is what I had been doing.


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