Sunday Shenanigans 2/21 – Running Shoes

In the spirit of the beautiful weather Metro Detroit had this weekend (60 in February?!) this post will be focused on my endeavor to buy new running shoes for the season. I’ve known for a while that I need to retire my tried and true Reeboks. Fitness experts say you should replace your shoes every 400 miles and I had gone much farther than that in these puppies. So why did it take me so long to buy new shoes? Part of it was lack of time, but part of it is that every time I have to buy new shoes the company has discontinued or somehow changed my previous shoe. Shoe choice is an important aspect of running regularly and as I already do not enjoy running, finding a comfortable shoe is key. However, it is never as easy as it should be. Every time I have to change shoes I go through the cycle of researching my options, trying them on, debating them, debating some more, and eventually purchasing a pair. That purchase is generally followed by some doubt in my choice, a couple runs, and then the decision that I did in fact make the right choice (or at least a comfortable choice). This time was no different. What I should do is go to an actual running store and have them fit me and monitor my style of running on one of their treadmills. For my next pair I will likely do that. However, this time I was in desperate need of new shoes and didn’t have time/didn’t want to wait to find and try a running store. So off I went.

In my head I knew that I wanted a pair similar to my Reeboks; lighter-weight but not the weightless type, consistent level of thickness in the sole, and finally, that X factor that when you put them on and you feel good in them. I had toyed with the more structured shoes that have a little more support and maybe a little more padding, wondering what the effects of my light weight shoes would be on my knees and ankles in the long run. Yet, I had found success in my runs with the style of Reebok I had been using, so why change? I was also concerned with the fact that many of the thicker soled shoes make me want to plant my heel when I run which is awful for your knees. I didn’t want to mess with my running style and so I resolved to stick with my current shoe design.

FullSizeRender2Now that I knew what I wanted, on to shopping. I had explored a few options while shopping last weekend and had found a Nike pair that I thought would work. However I wasn’t wearing the right socks to judge so I waited on the purchase. Fast forward to this weekend, go back to the store with one pair in mind, try them on, and of course am not as sure about them as I had previously was. I explore a little more, find myself in the clearance section and come across another Nike pair similar to the ones in my hand but also reminiscent of my Reeboks. Try one on, it feels good, try one of each pair of Nikes on to compare and the new ones take the cake. Awesome, I have a decision. Except, what are these? A more structured pair form Asics that have caught my attention. It couldn’t hurt to try them on for comparison, right? After all, I had debated trying this type of shoe. Much to my surprise, I like them. They are comfortable but not heavy, with support I can feel as I bounce up and down the aisle to test my gait in them. I once again put one of each pair on for comparison. There is a distinct difference in the feel but I am unsure of which I prefer. I always liked the light weight shoe, but could these more structured ones feel better after a long run? Enter here a lot of extra time at the store, one purchased pair followed doubt and a return to the store to purchase the second pair as well. I will save you the details of coming to that decision but what it comes down to is the fact that I found two pairs of running shoes that I like when I generally struggle to find one. The light weight Nikes will be more shorter run and sprinting shoes while the more structured Asics will be for my longer runs. By doing this I hope to lengthen the life of both pairs of shoes while also helping my joint out with more support as I run. So far I have only taken the Nikes for a spin but I am excited to officially try out the Asics as well.

Having the right equipment is important for any activity you try, but especially when it affects safety or the impacts on your health. I know that while running is great exercise,  it is a high impact workout and can be tough on my body. That is why I try to mix up my workouts and am always conscious of how I feel when I start a workout. Staying in shape only keeps you healthy if you don’t hurt yourself while doing it.

How do you stay in shape? Does anyone else have the same problem I do finding the right equipment?





Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 8 hours

Work: 1 Hour

Study: 0

Workout: 30 min treadmill workout, 40 minutes POP Pilates


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