School You Fiend

I am in need of some major motivation today. I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with online classes. This is the first semester I have taken classes online and while I love the freedom of not sitting in class, I can see where it is harder to make myself get the work done, particularly in a class like my current accounting course. Unlike my first online course, where homework was due on specific dates and there were tight deadlines (very tight given the 4 week timeframe), this class is graded only on a midterm and a final. The homework is not submitted or graded and as long as I cover the material before the midterm I am fine. This is great from a flexibility standpoint, but allows a lot of procrastination if wanted to put off the work. I am generally pretty good about holding myself to deadlines and even working ahead of schedule, I was a week ahead in my 4 week coding class. However, for some reason this accounting class seems to be an achilles heel for my motivation. Perhaps it is my limited interest in the subject or the amount of time that I have been dedicating to work recently, but even when I set aside time to complete the reading and homework problems, I have zero motivation to do it. Just looking at the text and problems makes me feel tired and unmotivated. Of course, I have felt this before, it isn’t an uncommon feeling among students. The issue is that I can usually pull myself through it and once I start I feel better. Here, I am able to start but that lack of motivation seems to permeate my entire study session. It hasn’t affected my ability to absorb the material yet, but I wouldn’t count that as an impossibility as the class moves into more difficult material. Accounting is not the toughest class I will have to take, but it is not one that I want to find myself behind in. Looking at my calendar I realize that the midterm will come up quickly and several of my weekends are already at least partially occupied by social engagements. Not only do I not want to slack on homework, but I don’t want to spend the time with my family and friends worrying about a class. Life will be much more enjoyable in the long run if I stick to dedicating a few hours a week to getting through the lectures and homework. I may just have to find a stronger source of caffeine than my current line up of tea. I see a chance of Diet Pepsi creeping onto my radar.

Enjoy the rest of your week!




Tuesday Highlights

Sleep: 8 Hours

Work: 9 Hours

Study: 2 Hours

Workout: POP Pilates February calendar, 2 mile run





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