homemade granola

Sunday Shenanigans 3/20/16

Whew, what a week.

First off, I promised my followers on Twitter updates from the ACHA Women’s Nationals last week. As much as I hate to fail on delivering, I don’t think anyone can hold it against me as I was busy celebrating UMD’s DOUBLE OVERTIME WIN!!!!!!! What a way to end my sister’s organized hockey career. The weekend as a whole was an emotional roller coaster; the semi final game also went into double OT. I have to send a shoutout to my sister’s bud and fellow senior  who scored the winning goal for not only the semi final game, but the National Championship game. Topping it off, little sis was named MVP. It is crazy to think she will be graduating in just over 2 months; I’m not sure I’m ready to feel that old.

UMD Women's Hockey ACHA National Champions 2016

As is usually the case, a crazy weekend with little quality sleep (and way too much junk food)  was followed by an equally crazy week. This was the kind of week that exemplifies the difference between working and being a grad student and life as an undergrad. Having a crazy, exhausting weekend as an undergrad can be rectified by a nap after your classes on Monday. In the real world however, the day doesn’t end at noon and there are no afternoon naps. This week was packed full of to dos with tight deadlines, the need for my creativity to be flowing at full power, and meeting after meeting after meeting. It was long, and there was sleep deprivation involved, but it was a very successful week. I slacked a bit on keeping up the blog, but my professional projects thrived. Our new company website launched, I signed a client to a new project, and found a few new potential leads. On the school side, I was not quite as productive, unless you count submitting my FAFSA. I did some studying on Friday and felt good with the content, even the part that I hadn’t looked at in over a week. The midterm is next Saturday for my accounting class. I’ve printed out the formula sheet and the practice problems and I have several hours on a plane this week as I head out to Las Vegas for the Adobe Summit. While I am not thrilled with the amount of effort I have put into this class, I do feel confident in my ability to do well on this midterm. If this was any other class though, I think I would be in trouble. Moving forward I need to be a little stricter with my study schedule, if for no other reason than my sanity. Even for a class that I am comfortable in, I hate the feeling of being behind, it kick starts my worry bug. I know my class coming up in May will require a lot of reading and writing which means there will be no slacking off. I am however, looking forward to that class. I have heard good things and I think it is more of the type of class I was looking forward to in pursuing my MBA.

Finally, for my Sunday Shenanigans, in addition to scrambling around making sure my house is cleaned and I am packed for traveling for 3 days, I decided to make homemade granola (hence the featured image for this post). After the first round I have to say, it was really easy and totally delicious. Greek yogurt and granola has become my new favorite breakfast recently, which would seem strange to anyone who has known me for a while since I used to dislike both of those things (I have a thing with textures). I am not sure what caused the switch, or my sudden lack of aversion to nuts, but I am not complaining. The one downfall of this healthy and tasty meal is the fact that most granolas, and in fact a lot of yogurt, has a very large amount of sugar in it. I am generally pretty good about avoiding extra salt, bad fats, and most processed foods, but my downfall tends to be sugar. Not because I am chowing down on candy, though I do love my Dove Dark Chocolate Promise after a run, but because of things like salad dressings, fruits, which is natural sugar but still requires moderathomemade honey vanilla granolaion, and apparently granola. So, to keep up my breakfast routine without adding the extra sugar, I turned to Pinterest for homemade recipes. Check out my Rise and Shine Breakfast board for all the recipes I found, there are some good ones. The one I decided to try out first was Honey Vanilla from Southern In Law. I may end up making some tweaks as I continue to make granola, but this was pretty darn good with honey as the only sugar. I used regular rolled oats instead of gluten free but I did take her tip to use the egg white to help form clusters. If you make this recipe, let me know how it turns out!

So now that I have caught up on the blog, made a healthy snack for the plane tomorrow, and gotten the appropriate amount of rest, I think it is time to get my butt in gear for a workout and packing! I’ll be tweeting from the Adobe Conference in Las Vegas this week, so be sure to follow along and check back here for my highlights and adventures.





Sunday Highlights:

Sleep: 8 Hours

Work: 2 Hours (packing and work prep)

Study: Probably not

Workout: Run and booty day with POP Pilates



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