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Sunday Shenanigans 4/3/16

Dear Mother Nature,

It is officially spring…STOP SENDING SNOW!

I don’t about you, but I am tired of cold weather. I am ready for skirts and cardigans instead of layers of sweaters and boots. I know I live in Michigan and I should be used to the cold and springs like this, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. We had a couple weeks of nice weather and I do not want to go back. Rainy and cold days are hard after a few days of gorgeous weather; they make it tough to be productive at the office and even tougher to come home and study or workout. There is something energizing about a pretty spring day, something that makes that run or homework a little more appealing even after a long day at the office.

However, we all must continue despite the dreary weather. My Sunday Shenanigans have consisted of meal prep and cleaning so far, with a POP Pilates workout still on the docket. Of those activities, meal prep is by far the most fun (cleaning the kitchen afterwards is the least). Recently I have been on a streak of actively going through my Pinterest boards to find new things to try, instead of pinning them and forgetting them. Some of the recipes I stick to, others I’ve added my own twist to. I also still make a regular practice of looking at my fridge and making up recipes as I go.  My dad and grandma taught me how to cook and most of our favorite recipes are of our own creation. This week’s menu includes asian inspired chicken quinoa bowls, tarragon chicken, and egg muffins for breakfast. The egg egg muffinmuffins were a Pinterest discovery and I am curious to see if they hold up as well as promised. Fresh out the oven they were pretty tasty, though if I were to make them again I would add a bit more seasoning. That is a personal taste though. I also whipped up another batch of honey vanilla granola. In case you haven’t noticed, homemade granola has become a mild obsession. So far I have made honey vanilla and cinnamon maple, but I have three or four more flavors I intend to try soon. While both of the flavors I have made were good, the cinnamon maple was my favorite. However, it is also the less healthy option since there is a higher amount of sugar in it, figures. That will not stop me from making it again, I will just have to be mindful of how much of it I eat.

The kitchen has not been my only productive room this weekend. A couple times per year I go on a cleaning spree that involves tearing my entire closet/desk/office/etc apart and reorganizing. This spree is usually not planned, but rather grows out of general cleaning plans. Yesterday was one of those days. While my plan had been to do laundry and clean the whole house, it turned into taking apart my bedroom. Part of the reason was not being able to find one of my swimsuits. I know it has to be somewhere in my house, and I’m sure I stored it someplace where “I’ll remember it” but now can’t remember. So, my closet has been reorganized according to the type of type of clothing and subcategories of where I wear that clothing, my donation pile has grown, and I still haven’t found my suit. I also still need to finish cleaning the main floor of the house as Tucker’s shedding only gets worse in the spring. Oy vey.

On the school front, I am registered for classes through the fall, with two management classes, corporate finance (yuck), and Inbound Information Technology occupying my academic life for the next few months. I am actually very excited for the management seminar I am taking in August. It is a two weekend class, which is nice because it gets one of my classes out of the way in short time, and it is taught by one of the most popular professors in the business school. It is the same professor who taught the class on persuasion that I had wanted to take in January but couldn’t. It should be an interesting few months. In the near future though, I have to finish my accounting class. My final is April 30th which is coming up much more quickly than is desirable. We just had our midterm and the final is already looming. I suppose that is the peril of shorter grad school semesters.

Alright, it is back to the grind for me. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.





Sunday Highlights:

Sleep: 10 hours (alleluia!)

Work: Not today

Study: Need to read two chapters this week…

Workout: POP Pilates Leg Day


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