Colleen's graduation

Sunday Shenanigans 5/8/16

Oh what a weekend. My baby sister is officially a college graduate. It is a weird feeling to be sure. Even though she will be starting law school in the fall and is not completely done with school, she is ending a major period of her life. Sitting in that graduation ceremony, I couldn’t help but think back on my graduation. Its’s hard to believe that is has been 5 years since I was sitting where Colleen was yesterday. There are times that I miss SLU and that period in my life, but I also appreciate how I have grown since graduating and I am excited about where I am heading now. It won’t be long before I am once again a graduate. That light of the end of the tunnel is what will keep me going, especially over the next few months. Work has been steadily picking up and there are big plans for projects that will increase my work load as well as the amount of traveling I do. I have no doubt that there will be some late nights and extra early mornings between now and August. It may be a bit of a struggle to take my own advice and make sure I get enough sleep and keep work, school, and a healthy life in balance. Luckily, I have a strong support system that will keep me in line and call me out if they see me pushing too hard for my own good. Accomplishing my goals is only worth something if I am happy and healthy and able to enjoy the spoils of reaching the end.

Speaking of healthy, this weekend was not exactly my best in terms of healthy choices, but I was much better than I expected. My sugar count was waaayyy above where it should be on normal days, but everyone deserves times where they indulge. My drink of choice this weekend was hard cider. A combination of favorites like Stella and Strongbow and some local brands like Loon Juice and Ace Pear. The Ace Pear was sweeter than my other choices but crisp and refreshing while sitting by Lake Superior in the sun. Loon Juice was also really good, and it was served to me in a Founder’s Grand Rapids glass which I thought was funny. The weekend wasn’t void of healthy habits though, we did plenty of walking along the lakeshore, skipped stones, and did some lifting to get my sister moved out of her apartment. I also took the time for a quick workout this morning. All in all, I’d say it was pretty close to a wash on health benefits.

After such a fun weekend it’s hard to head back to the real world, but work and school await me. My flight home doesn’t land until 8:40 tonight so I’m sure the rest of my evening will consist of a few cuddles with Tuckerfluff and then collapsing into bed.





Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 10 Hours – amazing how easy it is to pass out after not sleeping well for two nights

Work: No

Study: No

Workout: 3 Mile Run, Daily 5 from Tone It Up

Soundtrack: Shuffle on my iPod to get me through Dultuh-Detroit travels, currently Colbie Caillat selection




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