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Brain Food – 5 Healthy Snacks for Students on the Go

Life on the go can be a hectic ride, leaving little time to finish homework, let alone squeeze in a healthy meal or snack. It is all too easy to grab a candy bar or a bag of chips when you’re on the move and hungry. However, eating on the go does not have to undo your healthy eating habits. There are plenty of snacks that are healthy, satisfying, and portable. These are a few of my favorites.

  1. Apples – Fruit in general is a great snack to have, but many fruits can be difficult to efficiently travel with. Bananas are a favorite of mine but often get squished or bruised in transit.Berries are another favorite but have to be carried in a container that  I am then stuck with for the rest of the day. Apples on the other hand, are hearty enough to survive a ride in a bag and offer all the benefits of other fruits, plus the ability to wake you up without a 2:30pm dose of caffeine due to the natural sugars they carry.
  2. Nuts – I used to hate nuts, there was something about the texture that I couldn’t Nuts, Healthy Snacks, Almonds, Cashews, Peanutshandle. Recently though, they have become not only an option but a favorite in my snack rotation. While they come in with a higher calorie count than other options, nuts are a great source of protein and fiber as well as the good fats your body needs. A serving of nuts will also keep you feeling fuller for longer than that bag of chips you are eying. Grab the snack sized packages or add pre-portioning nuts from a larger container to your meal prep days to have a portable, filling, and healthy snack with you at all times. Make sure to go for the plain or lightly salted and avoid the candied variety to get the nutrition without the extra calories. My current favorite are cashews, though almonds and pistachios also hit the spot.
  3. Granola – Another food that used to be a no for me, granola has become a regular staple. The healthy factor for granola is dependent on making or choosing types that don’t have a lot of extra sugar, but once you find varieties that fit your tastes they are great for munching on the go. Throw a serving into a ziplock bag and snack at your leisure. Another added bonus, small bags of granola take up very little space in bags already loaded down with books and laptops. If you prefer bars to loose granola, options like KIND or homemade recipes (I plan on trying this one) work too.
  4. Fresh Veggies – Getting your veggies is an important part of a healthy diet and many of us struggle with getting enough. Veggies don’t just have to be side dishes or salads though; carrots, cucumbers, green beans, and even broccoli or cauliflower (if you can eat them dry) are easy to pre-cut and keep in small containers or bags for on the go snacking. If you need more flavor for your veggies, hummus is a great dip or spread, just be sure to watch your serving size. Odd sounding, but surprisingly delicious is carrots and peanut butter. I thought it sounded weird when I saw it on Blogilates, but it is now a regular post workout snack for me. If you try it, be sure to let me know what you think.
  5. Popcorn – Not the movie theater type, but air popped and even some brands popped in better for you oils are portable alternatives to vending machine fare. You can pop at home (here’s a recipe for homemade olive oil and parmesan popcorn)  or buy at the store. Before you buy, check out the nutritional labels to make sure you aren’t picking up varieties loaded with sugar and extra sodium. I like SkinnyPop (popped in sunflower oil) but will likely try popping at home sometime soon. Stay tuned for the results of that.

What are you favorite on the go snacks? Do you have any good recipes to share?


Happy snacking!




*I am not a nutritionist by trade, these are my suggestions based on experience and basic healthy eating knowledge.


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