Meal Prep - salads, quinoa bowls, cut veggies

Sunday Shenanigans 5/15/16

“I’ve got Grad School Problems but my food ain’t one”

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were not treated to the same “spring” weather that I woke up to. Someone please tell Mother Nature that it is May and there is no reason for snow. Luckily, none of it stuck, but Sunday brunch is much more enjoyable when I don’t have to bundle to get in and out of the restaurant.

Food was a large focus of my day. I had a quick breakfast this morning before I knew I was going to brunch but at least it was healthy. Avocado toast has been a regular part of my breakfast rotation for a while, but I’ve now added the option of not just toast, but english avocado english muffinmuffins. This may not seem like anything special, but english muffins  were a staple that my mom always had around when I was growing up since she liked them. Specifically, we had the Thomas brand. While delicious, I generally do not keep english muffins at my house because the regular kind is made with refined flour and I try to stick with whole wheat. Come to find out, Thomas makes a 100% whole wheat version! These have probably been around forever but they are a new discovery to me. So breakfast this morning was avocado on an english muffin.


The rest of the day was occupied by cleaning, my workout, and meal prep! The last couple weeks have been up and down on the healthy eating scale for me. I am participating in the Tone It Up Bikini Series with a couple friends and the last couple day have been less than compliant, so this week is a reset. I also really enjoy prepping food for the week. It is a nice time for just me to cook, create dishes, and enjoy healthy food. Today’s creations included a couple salads, asian inspired quinoa bowls and one Mexican “burrito” bowl, lots of chopped veggies for snacking, and Honey Vanilla granola. My house currently smells delicious. I also made a tweak to my regular granola recipe. In the past I’ve added some cinnamon on top of my granola and yogurt if I was craving a little something extra. This time, I decided to test and see how it would turn out if I added cinnamon to the honey mixture before I mixed in the oats and baked. I have to say, it came out quite nicely. It is a subtle change, but I really enjoy the baked in cinnamon. It reminds me of the cinnamon maple granola I made, without all the sugar from the maple syrup. It may become the regualr recipe instead  of an add on.

With all of that productivity in the kitchen complete, it is time for me to knock out some homework. My Project Management class has been interesting so far but it moves at a quick pace. We started class last week and our first test is Wednesday. Tonight’s task will be reading Chapter 3 for tomorrow’s class and starting to think about what I want on my cheat sheet for the test. Wish me luck!




Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 8 Hours

Work: No

Study: 1 Hour, Project Management reading

Workout: Tone It Up Bikini Series Mermaid Workour plus Daily 5, 2 mile run, and POP Pilates Total Body calendar workout


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