Stop! Study Time!

I hope you all read that title in the voice of M.C. Hammer and now have U Can’t Touch This stuck in your head. If you didn’t before now you do. You’re welcome.

This week is trying to kill me. In my last post I talked about trying to shove too many things into one day; I hate to say that I have not improved on that since. I spent much of Sunday catching up on my reading for Project Management and reviewing the other chapters that will be on our test tonight. 6 chapters doesn’t seem that bad until you shove them into a two week period and add them to the rest of life’s demands. I spent 4 hours last night reviewing the chapters and making my cheat sheet. I did not use my cheat sheet for the first test, but there is more complicated material on this test and making the sheet is actually a good way for me to study. The downfall is that it is also a great way to make my hand cramp up. 6 chapters on two pages front and back makes for a lot of writing. I feel fairly confident for tonight, but I will also be reviewing a bit more before I go to class. What I really want is just a day to catch up. I put everything on hold to study last night, which helped me prepare for the test, but it meant that I couldn’t get anything else done. I have clean laundry sitting in my basket waiting to be put away, a dog that would love to go back to longer walks, books and magazines that I want to read piling up, and desperate desire for a nap. Over the last couple days that thought of ” I just don’t want to” has crossed my mind multiple times. I don’t want to be in school, I don’t want to read chapters, write papers, and prepare cases. I want to come home from a long day at work, finish my workout and hang with my dog. I want to be able to think about the fun summer activities I have planned and not worry about when I am going to get all my reading and studying done. I don’t want to have to get up before 6am to be able to squeeze my workout into an overcrowded day. These are all wants, but they are not my reality, and for now that is ok. My bigger want is to complete my MBA and do so with high marks. I want to have those three letters behind my name and know that I achieved them to my greatest ability. I know the end goal is worth it, and while I have days that I whine and don’t want to make the effort, I push through. I can survive weeks where my laundry stays in the basket a little longer and days with early workouts. I may need some wine and chocolate as motivation, but I will do it.


Now it’s off to conquer the day!




Wednesday Highlights

Sleep: 7 Hours

Work 8 Hours

Study: 4 Hours ( 3 in class)

Workout: TBD

Soundtrack : Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake


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