My Great Debate

There comes a time in every grad student’s tenure where they wonder, “what did I get myself into?” That question has crossed my time several times in the last few weeks, as I cram more and more into my days. Class two nights a week plus a crazy eight week stretch of social engagements on top of the busiest time of the year at work has left me choosing between sleep and working out, making poorer eating habits, and generally feeling exhausted. While my current class is not difficult, the tight time frame is tiring. The fact that the material is not as challenging as other classes is in some ways to my detriment as I am tempted to put off reading since in theory the material should not require a great deal of extra reviewing. The problem with this approach is that when I do get back to reading, I am reading closer to 100 pages in one sitting instead of 30. After a long day at the office, those 100 pages feel pretty prohibitive. My first summer class ends this week but my next class, Global Automotive Marketing, kicks off next Monday. I am actually excited for the material in that class as it relates closely what I do every day. It is also taught by the same professor I had my first WSU marketing class last fall which I enjoyed. However, she is tough in her expectations and places a large emphasis on case studies that demand a fair amount of writing. Not overly difficult, but very time consuming. That time demand plus readings and the 6 hours of class every week feels a bit daunting at times. Especially during the summer when I would much rather spend time on the boat or playing with my dog, school feels like an anchor. So much so that I have considered dropping my next summer class to take a few weeks off. I still have my two weekend immersive class in August to get through and I will be taking Corporate Finance in the fall, which promises to be a bit of a headache. The idea of having a few weeks where I only have to worry about school is tempting. I can take a break, recharge, catch up on things that have fallen to the wayside. On the flip side, I want to take the class and doing so brings me closer to finishing my degree all together. It also gives me the freedom to take the classes I have remaining in smaller chunks. Given that three of my four remaining classes after the fall semester are heavily focused on writing, the ability to take one at a time is advantageous. I have already spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what order I should take those classes in and how much time it will take me to complete my degree. I’ve looked at the possibility of taking my last three classes one at a time and I’ve talked to people who have already taken those classes to try and figure out which ones I can double up on without driving myself crazy. Throughout all of this I have had to keep in mind the growing number of responsibilities I have taken on at work and what I would like to accomplish in the career setting over the next year and a half. To say it has given me a lot to think about would be an understatement.

Thinking long term, it is clear that I should remain in the class and get it over with. Work is busy now but not unbearably so, which I cannot guarantee will remain true in the coming months. This is the time to set aside dome extra time for school, while I still have “extra time” to spare. Yet the short term temptations are brought to the forefront every time I sit down after a long day to do homework. While I am driven, I am also tired. Tired i the sense that I am probably not getting enough sleep, tired of having to rush workouts and feeling sluggish throughout them, tired of not having time to cook much, and tired of my desk looking like a hurricane ripped across it. In short, I am in need of a bit of a mindset adjustment. What I need to do is purchase my next class’ materials and make the commitment that I will not take the easier route. The next 6 weeks are going to  be hard, but I think they are worth it in the grand scheme.





Monday Highlights

Sleep: 8 Hours

Work: 9 Hours

Study: 4 Hours

Workout: Rest Day (not exactly by choice)

Current Soundtrack: Piano Guys Pandora station


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