Gary Vaynerchuk Hustle #AskGaryVee

A Little Bit of Hustle

Swamped at school and cramming a million things into all of my days, sounds like the perfect time to change things up, right?

Well that is exactly what I did. Wednesday marked the first day of my new job, adding tying up loose ends and adjusting to a new environment, team, commute, and responsibilities to my ever growing list of tasks. This is all happening during what will possibly be the three busiest weeks of my grad school journey. I was not able to take any time off between jobs; I closed up business on Tuesday at my old agency and opened Wednesday at the new job. At the same time, I had a case study (more on that later) due at 6pm Wednesday and several class readings that I needed to catch up on from Monday. I now also have readings that I will need to complete ahead of time so that I can start my next case study. That final case is a group presentation where we will lead the class in a discussion and debate. The madness continues in Global Automotive Marketing.

The countdown to my weekend seminar has also officially begun (7 days). I have made significant progress on my pre-seminar readings and I feel like I am in good shape. I have all of the readings completed for the first weekend as well as my writing sample that is due Monday. My assigned partner and I still need to finish our collaborative assignment, but it is pretty close to done.

About that case study. I generally pride myself on being a competent writer, both creatively and academically. I have had few instances in my academic career where I was not able to effectively construct and communicate ideas and view points, particularly when given a topic to write on. That was not the case for this paper. While I feel confident with the material that we have covered in class, I struggled to figure out what direction to take my paper and debated on whether I was correctly evaluating the case on the basis of class discussions. The goal of the case study is to tie relevant class material to a real world case and credit is generally given if the presented position is logically supported. However, no matter how much I reread, reconsidered, and edited my paper, I was not completely satisfied. By the time I turned my paper in, I was definitely in a “satisficing” consumer mindset, not an”optimizing” mindset (a little consumer behavior jargon for you). This is a frustrating position to be in. I am not the type of student who can get a passing grade and be happy, I want to excel. I want to be able to say that I completed the task at the highest level possible. I realize that it will not always be the reality, but it still bothers me when it is the case. It does not help that I received a grade lower than expected on the first exam. Overall the class did not perform well, and I was among the highest grades, but given the amount of time I spent preparing and the confidence I felt coming out of the test, it is another frustration.

With everything going on and the new routine I am about to start, I have a feeling that I will be channeling Gary Vee for the next few weeks and months; cranking it out and living with a little bit of hustle.


Stay tuned!

Friday Highlights

Sleep: 7 Hours

Work: 8 Hours

Study: 1 Hour

Workout: Overslept…

Soundtrack: 90’s Playlist



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