Sunday Shenanigans 8/7//16

I am sad to report that there will be no shenanigans today.

Unless of course you refer to the shenanigans my professor employs to keep 25 MBA students engaged for 8 hours on a Sunday. It is, ladies and gentlemen, that time where I have elected to spend two weekends of my summer locked in a classroom in exchange for 3 credits towards my degree. This seemed like a great idea when I first registered and it gives me freedom in scheduling the rest of my classes, but as I sit in a freezing classroom on a beautiful Michigan summer day, I question my decision. I had no reprieve after work on Friday and limited time this weekend and next to relax and regroup. My laundry will likely remain in its basket and my workouts will probably be shorter due to sheer exhaustion. As I go into this workweek I will probably be lacking in the sleep department and particularly reliant on caffeine. “It will be worth it” is the permanent mantra in my head.

When I registered for this seminar I was not scheduled to be in another summer class. Now that I am in another class, I will will be at WSU 5 days a week for two weeks. Within that time frame is my group presentation for my Global Automotive Marketing class. I also follow up my last day of the seminar with my final for Global on Monday night and our last project due that Friday. It’s going to be a hectic few weeks.

As I have made my way through this program I have found that the biggest challenge is time. I have not struggled to find classes I am interested in, I have been able to handle the materials, and I am keeping a steady pace towards completing my degree. Time on the other hand, has consistently presented challenges. Something inevitably falls off the priority list and it tends to be something that I shouldn’t ignore. Most recently sleep has been the causality.  I either stay up too late trying to get things done or I have trouble falling asleep because I am thinking about everything that needs to get done. Lack of time has also had a negative impact on my healthy habits. My workouts, while still fairly consistent, have been shorter and not as tough. My regular diet has also been impacted. Less time to cook and less energy has lead to more PB&Js instead of more complex, healthy meals. The demands of changing jobs and the events that accompany those changes have also played a part in the less than ideal composition of my meals. The balancing act of work, school, and (minimal) play has been off balance recently and is in need of a reset. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, that balance is what is going to get me through this journey. Grad students need to have the ability to recognize an imbalance in their responsibilities and priorities and take the steps to make corrections. Without that, there is a real risk for burn out and failure.






Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 6 Hours

Study: 9 Hours

Work: 0 Hours

Workout: 9 holes of very bad golf


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