Halfway There, Whoa! Living on a Prayer!

I am halfway done with my MBA! 6 more classes to go!

I never would have imagined how good it would feel to pack up my work bag and not have to bring school stuff with me. I’m not sure what it has been about this stretch of classes, but the feeling of elation after completing my final on Monday surpassed any excitement I’ve had in completing a grad school class so far.I have two weeks until fall classes start, and thus two days before the class I have dreaded from the start begins.

Corporate Finance

Just saying it has a crushing effect on morale. This is the only class in the program that I have a particular distaste for. I know i can do well in the class, but I also know that this is not a subject that I find easy to get into and I will need to dedicate a lot of time to making sure I fully understand the material. I know a couple people who are in the same section of the class with me, which can be helpful for those tougher chapters. #StudyBuddy. I plan on buying the book before classes start and skimming the first few chapters to get myself re-acclimated to the “wonderful” world of finance.

As I get ready to take on the fall semester, I also reflect on the summer semester. I don’t regret taking summer classes, but it is probably not something I would do again unless I was genuinely interested in the class. I also would not recommend a two weekend seminar during a 12 week stretch of 2 nights per week classes. While I enjoyed all of the classes I took this summer, the last couple weeks have been tough. My performance and engagement with classes definitely suffered in the process. Effects like this are why I place such a heavy emphasis on  finding balance. Cramming as much as you possibly can into a day or week may seem like a great way to be productive, but at what cost? Despite a long week before it, I enjoyed the first weekend of my seminar. However, by the last day of weekend two, I was so exhausted that I was getting headaches during lectures and becoming annoyed when fellow classmates extended a conversation around a topic more than a few minutes.  That is not how you want to spend your class time, you get nothing out of it. My advice to students looking at summer classes: be aware of the shortened time frame and make sure that you are prepared to spend the same amount of time on class as you would for a full semester. Keep in mind other commitments you have and summer plans that you do not want to sacrifice. If you can not honestly (being truly honest with yourself) say that you can dedicate the necessary time to classes and still have that down time to recuperate, I would advise taking an extra semester to finish your program over burning yourself out trying to get it done. Being cranky in class is not a fun time.

Until the week of August 31st, I am focused on enjoying my time off. There will be plenty of time to worry about class this fall. If there is one thing I have learned from the first half of grad school, take advantage of breaks when you have them. I have slept in, had complete workouts, and even had some down time this week, and it has been glorious. These are the moments that will a) rejuvenate me to take on the rest of my classes and b) serve as extra motivation to finish so that I can free evenings on a regular basis again.





Wednesday Highlights

Sleep: 7.5 Hours

Work: 8 Hours

Study: 1 Hour (finish up answers to group project)

Workout: 2 mile run, Blogilates leg day

Soundtrack: NSYNC radio, it’s that kind of day



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