Surviving Grad School Tips

You Know You’re In Grad School When…

  1. Healthy meals become a challenge. “Time to cook? I barely have time to eat!”
  2. 7 hours of sleep is heaven.
  3. Working through lunch has a new definition: lunch break-> study time.
  4. First Saturday off after classes finish, do you party? No, you’re in bed watching TV at 9pm, asleep by 11pm.
  5. It takes super human control to not roll your eyes at friends complaining about being tired.
  6. You’re half asleep during workouts (if you have time to workout).
  7. Periods of only having to worry about work become a luxury.
  8. The university log in becomes a permanent fixture on your browser.
  9. Weekend plans now include homework.
  10. You lose motivation to do things you enjoy because you’re too tired from work and school.

Now that I have totally bummed you out about grad school…

It’s Friday, go enjoy the weekend! I am heading to a wedding this weekend. It’s my last weekend of freedom before fall classes!





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