Sunday Shenanigans 9/4/16

I will start with this, this will be a short post. I am running low on brain power and it is a gorgeous day out so I’d like to spend as little time as possible behind my computer screen. I’ve already spent a couple hours on Finance homework, so I believe my limit of indoor activities on a beautiful day has been met. My day hasn’t been all school though, Tucker and I played some tug o war this morning with his new toy and then took a long walk to enjoy the sun and tire him out so I could study.

This week’s class was much better than anticipated (minus the fact that it lasted until 9:30pm). The class will most definitely be tough, but my teacher clearly wants students to do well and works hard to make the material understandable. He also tries to crack jokes in class, and while they are weak on the execution, I appreciate the effort He knows he is dealing with grad students who have been at work all day and would love to be anywhere besides class. The one thing that has not changed about my expectations of this class is the amount of time I will need to dedicate to it. While we’re still covering fairly easy material, there is a lot of it and a lot of formulas that inter mingle and cross one another. I am glad that my teacher allows us a formula cheat sheet for the tests. I have a feeling that having one will be a huge help. I’d like to think that I can prepare enough where the cheat sheet will be only a minor crutch, but that is not a guarantee.

Ok, that is enough typing. I told you this would be short. I hope you all have a wonderful extended weekend. Go out and enjoy it!



Sunday Highlights

Sleep: 9 Hours

Work: Minor client monitoring (1 Hour)

Study: 2.5 Hours

Workout: Long walk with Tucker, Blogilates Booty Day, Paddle Boarding

Soundtrack: iPod on shuffle, never know what I’ll get




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