Super Bowl 50…Hmm

I hate to be a downer, but did Super Bowl 50 underwhelm anyone else? The game was less than spectacular, the halftime show, while entertaining enough, was average, and a lot of the ads fell flat. For such a milestone of one of the biggest sporting events one would think there would be a little more oomph. The ads in particular, I would wager more than half of the viewership’s main reason for watching, paled in comparison to many of the ads from years past. Perhaps it is because the commercials I enjoyed most were pre released and thus not a surprise to me, but the commercial breaks were not what I was expecting. In fact, two of the ads, Avocados of Mexico (their second year in the game) and, only stood out to me because of my surprise at their ability to afford a Super Bowl spot. Even Budweiser, who has long been known for some of the best Super Bowl ads, failed to impress, with spots that echoed the messages of previous ads with less flair or entertainment value. The original macro-brewed spot was bold and made an impact, you can argue for or against that tactic’s value to the brand, but it was talked about after the game either way. This year’s spot felt a bit lazy, like they were hoping playing that card again would deliver the same impact. The Helen Mirren spot had the right idea, and I fully approve of the message, but it also lacked the impact that their previous anti drunk driving ad created (though how do you really compete with a sad looking Golden Retriever?).

It wasn’t all disappointments though. Heinz’s Meet the Ketchups was just as cute during the game as it was on Twitter last week, and the reactions of those in my party who had not seen it only made it better. Avocados of Mexico’s ad was weird but funny and the faceoff between Baldwin and Marino for Amazon made me chuckle. For anyone who enjoys Marvel movies, which I do, Coke’s mini can commercial also brought a little lighthearted fun.

Overall, last night did not deliver quite the show I was expecting for the Super Bowl’s 50th game. However, there were some funny moments and despite the let downs, the Super Bowl will still be the most talked about topic at the water cooler today.

What were your thoughts on Super Bowl 50? Did you have a favorite ad?